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1st Sunday of every Month. 

New Birth into the Body of Jesus Christ is the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit in the heart and soul of a person who has surrendered their life to Christ as Lord and Savior. They are saved by grace, through faith. Water Baptism is an outward and public sign of God's grace made manifest in the life of the believer. In immersion, the believer symbolically experiences dying with Christ, and then rising with Him in newness of life. At Riverside, Baptism is commonly held on the second Sunday of the month in all services.



Christian Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which believing parents, and their chosen God-parents, publicly submit a child to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. They recognize the child as a gift from God and accept the stewardship responsibility to do everything within their power to raise the child in a godly way, prayerfully until he or she can make a decision on his or her own to follow Christ. It includes the responsibility to instruct the child in the ways of the Lord, exposing the child to Christian community and especially living a god-fearing life before the child. Riverside has a beautiful, God and family honoring Baby Dedication Service, after which the dedicated child receives a gift from the church to begin his/her journey towards Christ. Someone from the church office will contact you verifying your date.


To have your child dedicated please click:                            





2nd Sunday of every Month. 

Holy Communion also known as the Lord's Supper, was ordained for the continual remembrance of the sacrifice of Christ's death on the cross, His atoning work in the life of the believer, and of the benefits which we thereby receive. The bread which in the Lord's Supper is broken, given, and eaten, reminds us of Christ's body given on the cross for our sins. The wine which is poured out and received, reminds us of Christ's blood shed on the cross for our sins. As we eat that bread and drink that wine we are reminded, in the most striking manner, of the benefits Christ has obtained for our soul. Additionally His death on the cross becomes for the believer our turning point from spiritual death to spiritual life. At Riverside, Holy Communion is commonly held on the first Sunday of the month in all services.

A Christian funeral is a celebration of the life of the believer. It is filled with remembrance and reflection by family and friends. Scriptural passages of hope after death in Christ, songs of worship and celebration are sung and the minister gives a eulogy speaking of the believer's life in the context of our Christian faith and the joy and sacredness of a life lived in and for Christ. 



Thank you for your desire to become an active participant of the Riverside Family. Please remember, God is working through us to accomplish his goal, his vision and the vision of Riverside Missionary Baptist Church, The River. As the local Body of Christ we need to be plugged in and "fitly joined together" [Eph 4:16], plus exercise our giftedness as each one of us "supplies to the need of the body" [Eph 4:16]. Becoming connected through church membership to a local body of believers can be one of the most exciting decisions in your Christian life. Just like commitment is a foundational principle in marriage, commitment to a faith-family is foundational to spiritual growth.




We practice the form of baptism by immersion in the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28). It is offered to all who have made their personal decision to follow Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord.


Believers who have not been active in their last church may join our church by evidence of their Christian experience and having been previously baptized.


Members in good standing in other churches who desire to unite with our church are welcome to transfer membership from their previous church to our church family.


Members of our church who have been away for an extended period of time can be restored to full fellowship under restoration.